About John
John Rossheim writes about healthcare reform, and about careers, employment and workplace issues in healthcare and other industries. As a staffer or freelancer, John has written and edited articles and other communications for Microsoft's MSN, Ziff-Davis, Fast Company, Brown University, the Rhode Island Foundation, the Providence Journal and many more. He holds a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Chicago; his graduate studies were at Brown and at Temple University, where he earned a master's in linguistics.

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Samples of John's publications:

Healthcare System Challenges
With an EMR in the examining room, patient satisfaction is at stake
Discharge planning from a post-acute perspective
Comorbidities make for complex care transitions
The potential and limitations of home care

The Business of Healthcare
Value-based purchasing will challenge case managers
Bundled payments: Big promises to keep
SNFist Physicians: Will payers balk?
CFOs are eyeing the ROI of case management

Workforce Management

Employee retention is a growing concern in healthcare  
Healthcare hiring in the 2013 economy  
How to hire office staff for a medical or dental practice
Ethics: When pharmacists say no

The Workplace

Nurses confront workplace violence
How nurses can combat sexual harassment
Fit exercise into your work day

Careers in Healthcare
Men who change careers to nursing
Volunteers serve in the Medical Reserve Corps

Employee Benefits
When does long-term care insurance make sense?
How to evaluate your employer’s health insurance offerings